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ASLAN S41 til grove overflader

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Aslan S41 bruges som skabelon, når der skal males på grovere overflader som fx. murværk.


Aslan S41 bruges som skabelon når der skal males på grovere overflader som fx. murværk

Leveres i bredde 125cm og rulle længden er 25m

The self-adhesive stencil film for rough surfaces offers ideal characteristics for Painting and Lacquering works on facades which are turned into permanent advertising space.

  • Painted letterings and logos on rough outdoor walls
  • Creative craft application such as greeting cards, wind wheels and mobilés
Product advantages
  • Highly flexible PVC film for applications on rough surfaces
  • Allows fast, perfect and economical decorations of facades
  • Tear proofed and removable in one piece without difficulty
  • Grey film with reduced reflection, easily visible on all surfaces
  • Suitable for multiple lacquering with touch dry colours
  • Ensures sharp contours, no undermining of colour
  • Solvent resistant

Yderligere information

Varenummer s41-125

ASLAN S41 til grove overflader