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ASLAN EL300 Glasdekor folie 126cm - DRY APPLY

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NY forbedret kvalitet - stadig super NEM at montere!

Glasdekor til montage uden vand. Monteres indvending. Udvendig montering er mulig når temperaturen er over 15 grader og i en tør periode.


Bobelfri Glasdekoration - Mat Sølv
7 års holdbarhed skal monteres indvendig.
Anvendes fortrindvis til dekorationsopgaver på vinduer og glaspartier...
Bredde 126cm 


Glass decoration film with silver etched glass effect for dry applications


The glass decoration film with silver etched glass effect is ideal for creative effects on all glass surfaces. Fine air channels in the adhesive allow air bubbles to be wiped out with ease, making the application fast and simple for even the most inexperienced users. 
  • Exclusive decoration of glass surfaces
  • Decoration of shopping windows, glass doors, mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Creates protection from unwanted views in offices or shops
Product advantages
  • Air channels allow an easy, fast and bubble free application
  • Ensures time savings due to quicker application
  • Can be easily repositioned without causing white lines in the film
  • Application tape can be removed directly after application
  • Corresponds to the requirements of the European fire protection standard EN 13501-1:2010-01 for high flame resistance on glass
  • No drying times necessary
  • Even inexperienced users can apply it easily
  • The adhesive can be repositioned easily during the application and has a high final adhesive strength
Face film PVC film, polymeric Thickness 80 µm
Adhesive Acrylic pressure adhesive Adhesive characteristics Semi-permanent
Release liner Silicon cardboard with air channels, PE-coated on both sides, 140 g / sqm Surface Glass surfaces
Minimum outdoor durability 7 years    
Dimensions 50 m x 1,26 m

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Varenummer ASLAN EL300

ASLAN EL300 Glasdekor folie 126cm - DRY APPLY