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Asbru Saga 1600 - KUN kr. 69.950

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Asbru Saga 1600 is a ready-to-go large format printer package, that includes a professional RIP and editor from a market leading software house, as well as media take-up and inks. Our more than 10 years of experience as a LFP system integrator, has made it possible to design Saga 1600 for high effenciency production and ease of use to cover all indoor and outdoor applications, with a minimum of maintenance.


RIP and user interfaces

Saga 1600 comes with the intuitive and highly productive RIP and design editor Photo-Print DX from SAi. PhotoPrint imports all popular file formats like Adobe Illustrator, PDF´s and JPEG´s. The RIP supports 6 different print modes from Banner to High Quality printing. Saga Setup user-interface enables customization of printer setup parameters for superior printing on an editable list of medias.

Flawless print quality

Saga 1600 is equipped with an Epson DX5 print head, running double CMYK mode, using a unique and very efficient ”eclosion” algorithm and 7 variable droplet sizes. With this combination Saga 1600 can produce flawless high quality printouts on a variety of medias.

Ink Trap

Asbru´s unique Ink Trap prolongs the life span of print heads by preventing clogged nozzles due to ineffecient cleaning, caused by pigment deposits in the ink pump tubes. This problem occurs, when a printer is left unused for a longer period of time. By using our Ink Trap no ink is led through the pump. It is now only used to generate a vacuum in the Ink Trap, which then takes over removal of waste ink.

Triple heating system

The heating system consists of three independent heaters, assuring a proper media temperature to improve image output quality, as well as efficient drying, when using the media take-up.

Take up and feed system

For maximum productivity Saga 1600 is equipped with a high quality take-up, as well as an easy to use media loading and feeding system.


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Varenummer Asbru Saga 1600

Asbru Saga 1600 - KUN kr. 69.950

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